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Dry skin relief from hand washing

by Amy Welsman |

With our now more frequent hand washing and use of alcohol based hand sanitizers, many of us have experienced dry and chapped hands. This is only exacerbated in the dry and harsh winter months. It’s more important than ever that our skin products contain nourishing natural ingredients that help to counteract the hash effects of our soap, alcohol and environment. At PAUME, we have created a unique sanitizing formula that is designed to do precisely that. Using plant based emollients like Hydresia G2 and aloe, our formula effectively kills germs and bacteria, while protecting and moisturizing the skin to prevent drying and chaffing. Our blend of essential oils also work to soothe our skin, while creating an indulgent herbaceous, woody citrusy scent. It’s time we elevate our hand care routine with a single product that does it all.