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Mindfulness, Sustainability and Hand Care

 Packaging makes up the majority of the beauty industry’s waste. In fact, there’s enough packaging waste in the ocean to cover every foot of coastline in the world. From tape, stickers to tissue, to boxes, pumps to tubes and jars, all brands have a responsibility to be mindful in its choices. Sustainability is a part of PAUME’s DNA. We are doing our best to make sustainable and mindful choices, so that we may minimize our impact on the environment. This mindfulness goes beyond external packaging. At PAUME each ingredient in our formula has been thoughtfully selected. That means no harsh chemicals, no artificial colours or fragrances, no silicones or parabens, and only sustainably produced, plant based and biodegradable ingredients that don’t linger in the water system. In the COVID-19 era, hand sanitizing and hand care is a must. Individuals, parents, teachers, and healthcare workers, are constantly sanitizing their hands, and harsh formulations are causing chaffing, cracking and skin irritation. Our mission at PAUME is to create thoughtful products that are good for your skin and mindful of the planet. Cleaning and caring for your hands should go hand in hand.