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Hand Sanitizer at Home

by Amy Welsman |

We have all had to master the art of social distancing with our friends and loved ones. We have swapped intimate dinner parties for spaced outdoor visits, at least for the time being. As you welcome guests into your home or outdoor spaces, it’s important to have hand sanitizer on hand (no pun intended) for you and your guests to use throughout the visit. Our new reality has now made us consider more deeply the types of dispensers we have in our homes and apartments - aesthetic and sustainability being top of mind. For our founder Amy, she recognized a need for an elegant dispenser when had her first baby, and she put hand sanitizer all over her house to use herself and offer her guests who came to meet her infant. 

The minimalist sleek PAUME pump is designed to suit any space in your home, inside and out. Gone are the days of big plastic bottle pumps, harsh formulations and unpleasant scents. Indulge in a little PAUME and stay safe, clean and nourished as you connect with your loved ones.