Nail Brushes 101

Nail Brushes 101

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What is a Nail Brush and What are its Benefits?

A nail brush is an essential part of any skincare routine. It is used to clean the nails and remove dirt and bacteria that can cause infection. This is especially important for those with weakened immune systems or who have special considerations when it comes to their nail health. The bristles on the brush help to gently remove dirt from under the nails and between the fingers and toes. Want more health benefits? The nail brush is also great for exfoliation. It can be used to remove dead skin cells and make the hands and feet look and feel softer.

Now let us talk about aesthetics! Of course, using a nail brush can help your nails look neat and attractive. But did you know that it can also help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of again? Combined with exfoliating, using a dry brush technique before showers can promote blood circulation and plump the skin. 

What to Look for in a Nail Brush

Your tools are what build us up! So what should you look for in a nail brush?

  • Stiff bristles but not too abrasive. This may be subjective but you goal is to find a brush that suits your skin. For those with sensitive skin, look into nail brushes with softer bristles. Moreover, if you’re looking for vegan options, synthetic bristles are your friend.
  • Well-spaced bristles. Just like you wash your hands, you should also wash your tools. Look for a nail brush that you can clean easily clean and store away. 
  • Durable handles. Whether it is for handwashing with soap or a manicure, you need a nail brush with longevity. We recommend those with an acrylic handle, over wood. Not only does acrylic last longer but it also dries faster and is more resistant to bacteria build up.

How to Use a Nail Brush

  1. Wet your nails or chosen skin surface with warm water. You can use nail brushes with or without soap but we recommend pairing this routine with PAUME’s exfoliating cleanser for maximum effect.
  2. Take the brush and gently scrub the tips of your nails and the skin around them. Make sure to scrub in a circular motion to ensure that you are getting all the dirt and grime from underneath and around your nails. Tip: use the single row of bristles on PAUME’s hand and nail brush to get underneath your nails. 
  3. Once you have finished scrubbing, rinse your hands with warm water and then dry them off with a towel. Remember to also properly clean your nail brush!
  4. Finally, top off your routine with a moisturizer. PAUME’s probiotic hand balm and overnight hydration gloves can be the perfect touch!


Nail brushes should be used twice a week – just like your face’s skin, your hands need exfoliation and overall TLC! By picking out the right hand and nail brush for you and incorporating a weekly routine, your hands can be protected from harsh weather or strenuous activities.

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