Hand Care the PAUME Way

Hand Care the PAUME Way

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Think about hand sanitizer. It has been constant in our lives since elementary school. A daily essential known for its harsh formulas, unpleasant scents and plastic bottles. It’s surprising how little it has changed the world over the years.

Enter PAUME. PAUME’ s mission is to give sanitizer a serious upgrade, and change the category forever. Previously, hand sanitizer has been an unpleasant essential when you’re in an icky situation. But PAUME is switching “hand sanitizer” to “hand care,” and making it a daily indulgence - one that nourishes your skin and delights your senses.

If 2020 had taught us anything, it’s that we should be more careful of what we touch. This goes for the classic professions such as nursing and teaching, where there is constant human interaction physical touch. But now, in our new world, we see the necessity for cleanliness more. Stopping for your favorite cup of coffee on your way to work, you’ll find yourself using the hand sanitizer at the counter. Or, at your favorite retailer, employees are constantly using hand sanitizer before bagging or checking your items. This is a good thing! And it shows us that hand care is for everyone, and it is everywhere.

Now that we have come to appreciate why hand sanitizer is so essential, we must now focus on why it should go beyond cleanliness and into all-around self care. If you’re someone who is constantly sanitizing your hands, you’re probably enduring unpleasant scents and dry cracked skin. In addition to 69% alcohol, PAUME uses plant based moisturizers, vitamins, and a blend of premium essential oils which create a nourishing and indulgent experience every time you use it. This also means 99.99% effectiveness, but without dryness or harsh chemicals.

PAUME also takes sustainability to heart. While we want you to care for your hands, we want to be mindful of the planet. That’s why PAUME uses sustainable packaging materials that are either made from previously recycled plastic, recyclable, refillable or biodegradable. Still need some more convincing? Try some out for yourself, and smell and feel the PAUME difference.