Why do Our Hands Age Faster than the Rest of Us?

Why do Our Hands Age Faster than the Rest of Us?

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Why do Our Hands Age Faster Than the Rest of Us?

It is known that our hands can show signs of aging earlier than other parts of the body. This is because the skin on our hands is often more exposed to external factors that contribute to aging such as: sun exposure, frequent hand washing, exposure to chemicals, repetitive movements and thinner skin. This blog post will walk you through each of these factors and discuss some of the products which are offered by PAUME that can help to combat these aging contributors. It is important to take proactive measures to protect our bodies from aging, especially our hands as they are the first to show signs!

Sun Exposure 

The skin on our hands is often exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays, which can cause damage to the skin and contribute to premature aging. Some of the effects that can be caused from sun exposure to our hands are: loss of elasticity, pigmentation and dryness. The collagen and elastin fibers in our skin provide it with elasticity and firmness. UV radiation damages these fibers, leading to loss of elasticity and the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. Uv radiation can also cause hyperpigmentation, or dark spots, on the skin. This can make the skin on our hands also appear dull and aged. To combat this, we recommend using the PAUME Renewing Hand Serum which has active ingredients that work to even skin tone, improve hand elasticity and texture and reduce the appearance of brown spots and lines! 

Frequent Hand Washing

Frequent washing of the hands can strip away the natural oils and moisture that keeps the skin looking young and healthy, leading to dryness, cracking and wrinkles. We often hear about how continuous washing of our hair is harmful and can lead to damage but this is not something we often consider true for other parts of the body as well. It is so important to take proactive steps to protect the well-being of our hands and to incorporate PAUME products into your everyday routine to take your self care a step further! 

Exposure to Chemicals

Our hands are often exposed to chemicals in cleaning products, soaps and other substances that can be harsh and damaging to the skin. This is why choosing products, such as the ones offered at PAUME, is one of the most important steps you can take to protect your hands! We ensure that there are no harsh chemicals included in these products that will damage your skin or age your hands.

Repetitive Movements

Our hands are involved in a wide range of repetitive movements throughout the day, such as typing on a keyboard or using a phone. Over time, these movements can contribute to the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. Again, it is so crucial that we are taking proactive steps to prevent our hands from aging for as long as possible. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to do all of the important activities that make up our everyday lives! Hand care is just as important as every other form of self-care that we do and it is time that we all give it the proper attention that it deserves!

Thinner Skin

The skin on our hands is naturally thinner than the skin on other parts of the body, which can make it more susceptible to damage and wrinkles. We recommend using Age Defying Trio  to help replenish your skin and maintain wrinkle free hands! This age defying trio is the ultimate skincare system to maintain youthful looking hands. The Probiotic Hand Balm for daily hydration and nourishment, the All-in-One Cuticle and Nail Cream for soft cuticles and strong healthy nails, and the Renewing Hand Serum to visibly fade brown spots, reduce fine lines and improve skin tone and texture! What more could you ask for! 

PAUME Takeaway

Overall, the combination of these factors can contribute to the appearance of aging on our hands earlier than on other parts of the body. However, taking care of our hands through moisturizing, avoiding excessive sun exposure and using gentle cleaning products can help to minimize these effects and keep our hands looking youthful and healthy! If you are now convinced of the importance of having a proper hand care routine, be sure to check out PAUME because we are here to help!