5 tips to keeping hands youthful at any age.

Soft, hydrated, youthful hands and strong healthy nails are within reach.


Exfoliating isn't just for your face.

Gentle daily exfoliation can promote cell turnover, improve skin tone and texture, keep bacteria at bay, keep nail beds clean and improve the absorption of your skincare products.


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Keeping your hands moisturized will help maintain skin elasticity and tone in the long run. Be sure to use a daily moisturizer that uses skincare grade ingredients that plump, hydrate and improve skin tone.


Don't forget your nails!

As we age, our nails can become brittle and thin. Using a daily nail treatment with active ingredients like biotin and keratin will keep them strong, long and healthy.


Skincare ingredients, but for your hands.

A daily serum packed with ingredients like niacinamide, gallic acid and vitamin C will help to prevent and reverse the premature signs of aging. Say goodbye to crepey skin and brown spots.


Protect your hands from UV exposure.

The UV rays from the sun and gel lamps can cause visible brown spots and hyperpigmentation over time. Apply sunscreen to the toos of your hands daily.

What inspired our founder to create PAUME.

Before I launched PAUME, I spoke to so many people who felt self conscious about their hands. Complaints of eczema, chronic dryness, cracked skin, thin and brittle nails, age spots, wrinkles, and crepey skin texture. And it's not surprising - our hands are our second most exposed body part, and we often neglect them from our body care routines. It was hearing these stories that inspired me to create a simple daily skincare routine for hands. By simply using skincare grade ingredients on your hands every day, they can look and feel soft, hydrated, youthful and glowing.


It only took a week to see results...

“After years of neglecting my hands, I started to notice how much older they looked compared to my face. It only took a week for me to see the results of this serum. I was amazed at how quickly it worked to brighten my skin and make them look more smooth and hydrated.”


Are you ready for soft, youthful, glowing hands and strong healthy nails?

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